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Leader's speech

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  We sincerely thank every friend who pays close attention to Hongyuan Pharmaceutical, it is due to your understanding, trust, care and support that Hongyuan Pharmaceutical has been able to develop steadily. Hongyuan Pharmaceuticals will live up to your expectations, insist on innovation and enterprising, overcome scientific and technological difficulties, and serve the country with industry to achieve the glory of the new era. During the process of transforming from the chemical industry to the pharmaceutical industry, we will not languish at all. We will always be grateful and strive to practice the core value of “creating value for customers, creating returns for shareholders, providing a platform for employees, sharing responsibilities for society, and serving the human health”, to realize the dream of “Hundred Years of Hongyuan, Civilized, Green and Happy Hongyuan”.

  We are willing to join hands with all our friends, unite and forge ahead, achieve a win-win situation, and create a better future together!


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