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  • 2014Year

    In November, the Company was listed on the National Equities transfer System for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Its stock abbreviation is Hongyuan Pharmaceutical, with the stock code of 831265.

  • 2014Year

    The Company carried out shareholding reform and changed the name of “Hubei Hongyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.” to “Hubei Hongyuan Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.”.

  • 2012Year

    The Company introduced strategic investor Mr. Yan Xiaohui to become the Company's principal shareholder.

  • 2008Year

    It changed the name of “Luotian County Hongyuan Chemical API Co., Ltd.” to “Hubei Hongyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.”.

  • 2007Year

    Hubei Hengri Chemical General Factory and Hubei Hengri Chemical Co., Ltd. declared bankruptcy, and Hongyuan Company bought out all the assets of the above-mentioned bankrupt enterprises through legal procedures.

  • 2002Year

    “Luotian County Hongyuan Chemical API Co., Ltd.” established by it rented the organic product production line of Hubei Henri Chemical Co., Ltd.

  • 1997Year

    Through shareholding reform, the assets of “Hubei Hengri Chemical General Plant (Group)” were effectively striped and “Hubei Hengri Chemical Co., Ltd.” was established.

  • 1996Year

    In 1996, It established “Hubei Hengri Group” and changed the name of Luotian County Chemical Plant to “Hubei Hengri General Chemical Plant (Group).”

  • 1990Year

    In 1990, it changed the name to Luotian County General Chemical Plant, with a synthetic ammonia plant, an organic chemical plant, a compound fertilizer plant, and a plastic product plant under its jurisdiction.

  • 1976Year

    Luotian County Chemical Fertilizer Plant was commenced in 1976 and was completed and put into operation in 1979. It is a 3,000-ton synthetic ammonia plant. In 1981, it was rated as the “red-banner Unit of National Small Nitrogen Fertilizer Frontline” by the former Ministry of Chemical Industry.

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