Human Resources

Business philosophy

Be kind to employees and take social responsibility into account.

Employing ideas

-- having both ability and political integrity, with virtue as the most important;

-- Encourage and advocate every employee to be diligent in learning and good at thinking;

-- Pay attention to training employees to become people who promote the development of Hongyuan and become valuable people.

employment principle

-- Know people: know people, understand people, respect people;

-for people: to create a relaxed environment, so that people feel comfortable work;

-Employing: Provide a stage for each employee to display their talents and give each talented person room for development;

-- Be a man: treat each other with sincerity, be kind to others, and share honor and disgrace with the company.

Hongyuan believes

Talent is the strategic capital of enterprise development, respect for talent, attention to talent.

Hongyuan Pharmaceutical sincerely welcomes all kinds of talents who are interested in improving the chemical industry and traditional Chinese medicine preparation industry to join the company.