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[Meet Wuhan East Lake and Enjoy Brilliant Cherry Blossoms] The company launched a one-day tour of Wuhan East Lake to celebrate "March 8th Women's Day"


Release time:2023-03-11 16:32

Spring and Jingming, Vientiane update.

In this vibrant, full of flowers, beautiful and romantic March, to celebrate"March 8th" International Women's Day, send good wishes to female compatriots, the company trade union in 20233Month7The organization of female employees to Wuhan East Lake to carry out one-day tour activities, this time a total250More than female employees participated.

Morning7Point, the assembly is finished,5A tourist car drove everyone along the highway. On the car, everyone exchanged enthusiastically, and laughter floated out of the window from time to time, passing.2An hour's drive to Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area.

The first stop came to Moshan Cherry Garden. When the cherry blossoms were in full bloom and romantic, the weather was fine and the scenic spot welcomed countless people.The "flower chaser" has a lot of tourists.

After lunch, everyone went to East Lake Greenway for a swim. East Lake Greenway relies on the beautiful scenery and human history of East Lake. Qu Yuan, Chu Zhuang Wang, Liu Bei, Li Bai, Mao Zedong and other celebrities have left footprints in the East Lake. Contemporary writer Chen Yunhe also praised Donghu"How many historical stories have been digested, and the body of a city has been strong".

Riding on this section of the greenway, the vision is wide, the lake is full of light, and there is a special taste.

In this tourism activity, everyone not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Wuhan East Lake, but also felt the strong festive atmosphere, and practiced it.The core values of "people-oriented, unity, dedication, innovation, development and win-win" and continuous humanistic care further enhance employees' sense of achievement and happiness.

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