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Public information of "Environmental Impact Report of Wuxue Hongyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. API Multifunctional Workshop Construction Project (Draft for Comment)"


Release time:2023-11-09 14:14

According to the the People's Republic of China Environmental Impact Assessment Law, the State Council No.682No. "Regulations on Environmental Protection Management of Construction Projects" and other relevant documents, our company entrustedWuhan Baizihui Technology Co., Ltd.Preparation of 《Wuxue Hongyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. API Multifunctional Workshop Construction ProjectThe Environmental Impact Report (Draft for Comment) has been completed. According to the Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment (Order of the Ministry of Ecology and EnvironmentMinistry Decree No. 4), our company discloses the following information to solicit opinions on the environmental impact of the project.

1. Network of the full text of the Exposure DraftLink:提取码: 83pb.

2.Ways and means of accessing paper reportsWuxue City Makou Industrial Park Phase III Wuxue Hongyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Guard Room.

3. Public Scope of ConsultationAround the projectCitizens, legal persons and other organizations within 3km, including but not limitedYuetang Village,Makou Village,Cast money furnaceVillageResidents, village committees, industrial park enterprises, etc.

4. Web Link to Public Opinion Form

5Ways and means of public opinionLetters, e-mails, self-delivery, telephone contact, pick-up, etc.

Contact: Shi JianjunContact Phone:13687138282

Address: Hongyuan Road, Economic Development Zone, Luotian, Huanggang, ChinaNo. 8

6. Starting and ending time for public comments

This information disclosure time is from the date of publicity10working day.

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