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Mid-Autumn Festival National Day Celebrate Employee Welfare Warm Heart

Release time:2023-11-14 14:27

On the morning of September 27, in order to celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, reflecting the company's fundamental purpose of "people-oriented, caring for employees", the company distributed more than 2000 copies of Ejiao Fuling Cake to employees, each of which was full of the company's care for employees and holiday blessings.

Ejiao Fuling Cake is a kind of food with nutritional value. It can nourish blood and qi, invigorate the spleen and calm the heart, nourish the body, and has significant effects on improving human immunity, improving sleep quality, and regulating gastrointestinal function.

At the distribution event, employees said that this benefit is not only beautifully packaged and full of grade, but also makes them feel the warmth of the Hongyuan family.

In recent years, the company has regularly distributed welfare such as living materials to its employees. These materials are considerate and affordable. They are in hand and warm in heart. Others see them in their eyes and envy them in their hearts. The heavy welfare brought laughter to the employees and moved everyone's heart. Hongyuan people's sense of happiness and gain is known to all.

In addition to regularly distributing employee material benefits, the company also regularly organizes various cultural and sports activities such as employee training and learning, health check-ups, out-of-town tour group construction, basketball games, badminton games, and cultural performances to increase employee knowledge, expand employee horizons, and enrich employee amateur life. Improve the quality of employees and realize their self-worth.

In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the employee as the center, through various ways, let employees feel the company's care and support. At the same time, I hope every employee can devote himself to the work with more enthusiasm and positive attitude, and jointly contribute to the development of the company.

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