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[1999 Chongyang Happiness and Ankang] Company Held 12th Respect for the Elderly Festival

Release time:2023-10-21 14:17

The golden autumn is cool in October, and the chongyang festival in 1999.

 10Month21In the morning, the company400More than retirees gathered in the lecture hall to celebrate the "Nine-Nine Chongyang Festival". Happy Ankang "as the theme of the elderly festival activities.

During the activity, Comrade Liu Zhanliang, chairman of the trade union, expressed good wishes to the retirees who came to participate in the activity on behalf of the company. During the event, the retirees wrote, directed and performed a splendid theatrical performance. With high enthusiasm and rich talent, they show the elegant demeanor, vitality and wisdom of the elderly. Their performance won the warm applause and deep admiration of all the people present. This is not only a talent show, but also a spiritual exchange. After the performance, the company cafeteria prepared 40 tables for all retirees. Everyone sat together, sharing food, talking about sunset red. They shared stories from the past, talked about hopes for the future, and wished everyone a happy and healthy old age. At this warm moment, everyone felt the warmth of Hongyuan family. Respecting and loving the old and advocating harmony are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. We will take this as a lesson and continue to work hard to make greater contributions to the development of the company and the happy life of employees.

Here, we once again express our deepest respect and heartfelt wishes to all retirees. May your life be full of sunshine, may your future be full of hope, and may you always be healthy, happy and happy!

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