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Mid-Autumn Festival National Day Celebrate Employee Welfare Warm Heart

On the morning of September 27, in order to celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, reflecting the company's fundamental purpose of "people-oriented, caring for employees", the company distributed more than 2000 copies of Ejiao Fuling Cake to employees, each of which was full of the company's care for employees and holiday blessings.

[1999 Chongyang Happiness and Ankang] Company Held 12th Respect for the Elderly Festival

The golden autumn is cool in October, and the chongyang festival in 1999. On the morning of October 21, more than 400 retirees of the company gathered in the lecture hall to celebrate the Respect for the Elderly Festival with the theme of "Nine-Nine Chongyang Happiness and Health.


Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM, opening a new chapter of innovation and development! Stock abbreviation: Hongyuan Pharmaceutical, stock code: 301246.

[Meet Wuhan East Lake and Enjoy Brilliant Cherry Blossoms] The company launched a one-day tour of Wuhan East Lake to celebrate "March 8th Women's Day"

Spring and Jingming, Vientians update. In this vibrant, beautiful and romantic March, in order to celebrate the "March 8th" International Women's Day and give good wishes to female compatriots, the company's trade union organized female employees to go to Wuhan East Lake on March 7, 2023. A one-day tour was held. This time, more than 250 female employees participated.


Revenue exceeded 2 billion yuan.

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