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The company held a grand 2019 Spring Festival meeting


Release time:2019-02-13 11:23

On the 7th of the first month, the auspicious day of construction, the company held a grand 2019 Spring Festival party in the new office building of the high-tech industrial park, attended by nearly 200 people above the administrator.

Before the group meeting, a lively and traditional dragon and lion dance was held in front of the office building. The dragon and lion dance with strong national color and unique traditional art is the cultural treasure of the Chinese nation, people's yearning for a better life, and symbolizes prosperity and auspiciousness. The company holds a dragon and lion dance performance on the first day of work every year, so that Hongyuan's family can feel the charm of Chinese traditional folk culture after the Spring Festival celebration.

At the group visit, Yin Guoping, chairman of the company, on behalf of the board of directors of the company, extended New Year greetings to all Hongyuan's family members and extended New Year greetings. He said: Today we are in a brand new place to share the joy of the New Year and welcome the challenges of the New Year. The past year has been a very critical and extraordinary year for the company. In the face of the complex and changeable global economic situation, fierce market competition, severe safety and environmental protection situation, stricter requirements for standardized management in all aspects, and many unfavorable factors, all Hongyuan people have worked hard, overcome difficulties, and completed the annual production. Operation and development goals and tasks, various economic indicators have made steady progress. In the whole year, it achieved good results of 1.37 billion yuan in sales revenue, 60 million yuan in taxes and 33 million US dollars in foreign exchange earned from exports. What is gratifying in the past year is that safety, environmental protection and safety have come; what is proud is that our three basic products finally have a voice in the market, and have truly realized the transformation from big to strong; what is unforgettable is that the two major The key projects have been successfully put into production, the drug metronidazole has passed the EU GMP certification, and the veterinary drug metronidazole has passed the domestic GMP certification. In 2019, we have set sail, the grand goal is inspiring us, the arduous task is waiting for us, and the lofty mission is inspiring us. We hope that all Hongyuan people will seize the current great opportunity with a brand-new mental outlook and a never-slack mental state, adhere to the spirit and ideal belief of "breaking the long wind and breaking the waves, hanging the clouds and sailing to the sea", and always build three red lines, Consolidate the management foundation, strengthen the sense of responsibility, work together, believe that the company's tomorrow will be better, a hundred years Hongyuan will be able to achieve.

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