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Show Women's Elegance, Gather Team Strength, Company Held "March 8th" Tug-of-war Competition


Release time:2019-03-10 11:24

In order to celebrate the 109th International Women's Day, enliven the company's cultural and entertainment atmosphere and urge employees to firmly establish the concept of "healthy life and happy work", the company's trade union, human resources department and administrative office jointly held a tug-of-war competition in front of the new office building on the afternoon of March 7.

A total of 16 teams and 160 participants participated in this activity. The tug-of-war competition adopts the method of promotion and finals. Each team has 10 contestants, including 7 female players and 3 male players. The leader of the competition is divided into groups by drawing lots. The four teams that won the first round will have the second round of promotion. Similarly, the two teams that won the second round will enter the semi-finals, the two teams that won the semi-finals will enter the finals to compete for first and second places.

With the referee's whistle, the players on both sides worked together and fought bravely, leaning back and doing their best, while the team waiting for the competition shouted and cheered. Adhering to the spirit of "friendship first, competition second", the contestants showed the high morale and courage of women in the new era on the field, and their enthusiasm for the competition was very high.

Through more than ten rounds of fierce competition, the first workshop won the championship, and the tenth workshop and the fifth workshop won the third prize of the 2. respectively. In order to encourage everyone's enthusiasm for the competition, the Human Resources Department distributed prizes and souvenirs to each participating team from high to low according to the ranking of the competition.

The atmosphere of the whole game was warm, the schedule was civilized and orderly, and the contestants were fully engaged and sweating, fully demonstrating the charm of sports.

Women also hold up half the sky. Who says women are inferior to men. This tug-of-war activity fully demonstrated the tenacious and indomitable spirit of Hongyuan female employees; it also further enhanced the centripetal force and cohesion of employees, and demonstrated the company's good fashion of respecting and caring for women, as well as the corporate culture of harmony, friendship, and unity.

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