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Hongyuan Company Won the Second Prize in "Me and My Motherland" Singing Contest


Release time:2019-09-30 11:30

On the evening of September 28, the final of the county's "Me and My Motherland" singing competition was grandly held on the campus of the county experimental primary school. After fierce competition and selection in the preliminary competition, more than 1800 cadres and workers from 18 chorus teams participated in the final, and seven judges scored on the spot, and finally awarded one first prize, three second prizes and six third prizes. The chorus song "We Workers Have Power" performed by the company won the second prize.

Recalling the eventful years of the past and expressing our patriotic feelings today. "Without the Communist Party, there would be no new China", "the sun is the reddest Chairman Mao's dearest", "Love China", "On the Field of Hope", "August Osmanthus Blossoms Everywhere" ...... Red songs are like the sea, applause is like a wave, the actors use affectionate singing to express their sincere to the party, the best wishes and deep love for the motherland.

This "Me and My Motherland" singing contest is sponsored by the County Party Committee Organization Department, the County Party Committee Propaganda Department, and the County Federation of Trade Unions, and undertaken by the County Culture and Tourism Bureau and the County Financial Media Center., Praise the hero model; sing the main theme, promote positive energy, and express the county's cadres and employees their infinite love for the party and the deep blessings to the motherland.

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