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Hongyuan Company Held the 8th Respect for the Elderly Festival


Release time:2019-10-08 11:31

Chongyang every year, Chongyang again today! In order to enrich the cultural life of retired employees and carry forward the traditional virtues of respecting, loving and helping the elderly of the Chinese nation, on the morning of October 8, the company solemnly held the "Nine-Nine Double Ninth Festival" Respect for the Elderly Festival in Vienna Hotel.

During the event, Liu Zhanliang, deputy general manager of the company, on behalf of all cadres and employees, gave a brief introduction to the company's current production, operation and development status, and expressed good wishes; employees from Hongyuan Company and other actors sang and danced together, and presented a wonderful program for the elderly friends. The atmosphere was strong, It has created a good atmosphere of respecting, respecting and loving the elderly.

This event is the eighth Respect for the Aged Festival held by Hongyuan Company. Over the years, Hongyuan Company has taken the promotion of the traditional virtues of respecting and loving the elderly as a major event every year. The holding of Respect for the Elderly Day activities has not only deepened the relationship between the company and retired employees, but also made retired employees feel the warmth of the Hongyuan family. It demonstrates the deep affection and endless national demeanor of the Chinese nation for generations.

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