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From the resumption of production to production-look at the efficiency of Hongyuan.


Release time:2020-04-23 11:34



"On February 4, the solid waste incinerator was ignited. On February 23, the 2-methyl -5 nitroimidazole production workshop resumed work, and on March 5, the metronidazole production workshop resumed work." On April 14, Yin Dan, secretary of the board of directors of Hubei Hongyuan Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (later referred to as "Hongyuan Pharmaceutical"), introduced that as a "non-stop enterprise", the company has always maintained efficient operation.

Hongyuan Pharmaceutical, located in Luotian County Economic Development Zone, is a national high-tech enterprise, one of the top 100 comprehensive industrial strength of China's chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and one of the top ten pharmaceutical production and export-oriented enterprises in Hubei Province. In 2019, corporate tax revenue exceeded $100 million.

The reporter walked into Hongyuan Pharmaceutical and saw a busy scene at the production site. In the past two months, the company has taken the lead, seized opportunities, and started production non-stop, becoming a "high-power engine" for Luotian to accelerate economic recovery ". At present, the company has full production, strong production momentum, metronidazole and other core product sales to achieve counter-trend growth.

The fire will not go out for 40 days.

"Check carefully and carefully, and fix the safety valve for the later restart." Peng Haifeng, director of the power plant who is guiding the maintenance of solid waste incinerators, said that these incinerators had been operating continuously for 40 days and were the "heroes" of medical waste disposal during the epidemic ".

As early as January 31, Hongyuan Pharmaceuticals received instructions from the city's epidemic prevention and control work headquarters, requesting the emergency requisition of Hongyuan Pharmaceuticals solid waste incinerator to co-dispose of medical waste. At that time, the company was basically in a state of suspension, many employees had returned home for the Spring Festival, and traffic had been closed.




Safe disposal of medical waste is an important measure to cut off the route of virus transmission and prevent secondary pollution. "Despite the potential danger of this task, it is the time to reflect the social responsibility of Hongyuan people. No matter how dangerous and difficult it is, you must stand up!" On the day of receiving the instruction, Hongyuan Pharmaceutical immediately held an emergency meeting, set up a special work class, and formulated the "Emergency Disposal Plan for Medical Waste Disposal in the Power Workshop Solid Waste Incinerator", and went all out to face the difficulties.

At that time, the epidemic prevention and control is in the most strenuous stage, the company's management cadres to lead by example quickly return to work, at the same time carefully do a good job of psychological counseling staff. After receiving the notice, Wang Bingyang, the monitor of the second round of the solid waste incinerator, immediately volunteered to participate in this glorious and arduous task. On February 1, within one day, 28 members of the Hongyuan Pharmaceutical Medical Waste Emergency Treatment Commando overcame many difficulties and tried every means to return to work.

On February 4, employees wore protective equipment such as work caps, medical protective masks, protective clothing and protective gloves to carry out feeding and killing operations, and then sent all the epidemic medical waste into the incinerator. Peng Haifeng said that the raging fire of up to 1100 degrees Celsius made medical waste suddenly "ashes". Every day, medical waste continuously converges from Luotian and its surrounding areas to Hongyuan Pharmaceutical and enters the incinerator for incineration. A total of 25.32 tons of medical waste were disposed of in 40 days.

"On March 13, Luotian's 'four categories of staffs' were cleared, the company's medical waste incinerator was shut down, the task was successfully completed, and the incinerator entered the overhaul stage. With the full resumption of work and production, the overhauled incinerator will be ignited again." Peng Haifeng said.

24-hour uninterrupted production

On April 14, the reporter saw in the Hongyuan Pharmaceutical Factory that the machinery and equipment in the metronidazole production workshop were fully fired, production was uninterrupted 24 hours a day, and employees were on three shifts.




"The epidemic has greatly increased the demand for our products, which is a dangerous opportunity that we must seize. At present, our products are entering the market continuously." Yin Dan introduced that the product metronidazole is an important raw material for the production of anti-infective drugs, immunomodulators and other anti-epidemic drugs ". The broad-spectrum antibacterial metronidazole injection and amoxicillin produced in this way are currently important drugs for the treatment of respiratory diseases and systemic or local infections caused by anaerobic bacteria. During the epidemic, the demand for metronidazole APIs increased significantly."

It is understood that Hongyuan Pharmaceutical is a raw material supplier for major pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Sichuan Kelun Pharmaceutical Company, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Company, Jiangxi Yaodu Renhe, Shanghai Baxter Pharmaceutical, Zhejiang Puluo Pharmaceutical and Broad Pharmaceutical. During the epidemic prevention and control, downstream pharmaceutical companies rushed for help.

On March 3, the provincial government held a special meeting to support the resumption of work and production of key pharmaceutical enterprises such as anti-epidemic drugs, and Hongyuan Pharmaceuticals, as one of the six key pharmaceutical enterprises in Hubei Province and the only pharmaceutical enterprise in Huanggang City, was named to resume work and production as soon as possible to meet the urgent need of the war "epidemic.

After approval, on March 5, Hongyuan Pharmaceutical's metronidazole production workshop resumed production. Prior to February 23, 2-methyl -5-nitroimidazole production workshop has resumed production.

In order to meet the market demand, the company issued an overtime assault order to quickly organize more workers to return to work. While doing a good job of epidemic prevention and control, let all equipment and personnel operate. In just a few days, the company achieved full production, strong production momentum, metronidazole and other core products sold hot.

On March 21, Hongyuan Pharmaceutical Wuxue Project started. The project has an investment of 1.53 billion yuan and covers an area of 700 mu. It is mainly composed of organic chemical industry, high-end fine fluorosilicone chemical industry and antiviral series of raw materials. It is divided into two phases and planned to be completed in three years. Phase I will be completed in June 2021 and Phase II in June 2022.

"Despite the epidemic this year, we are still sticking to our goals and tasks." In Yin's view, the epidemic also contains opportunities, seize the crisis will turn into an opportunity, against the trend.

510 passes remain unblocked.

"Without the full support of Party committees and governments at all levels, it is unimaginable that we can resume work and production so quickly and maintain efficient operation." Yin said frankly.




Two months ago, according to the instructions of the municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters, the solid waste incinerator should be started to dispose of medical waste. One day late is more dangerous. However, after the coal produced by several wagon cars purchased by the company years ago arrived at Huangzhou Railway Station, they could not be transported back due to traffic control, which would affect the timely start of the incinerator.

Military orders are like a mountain. Hongyuan Pharmaceuticals, which is under tremendous pressure, reported to the city and county-level epidemic prevention and control work headquarters, requesting coordination to solve the problem of production of coal-fired transportation.

The headquarters of epidemic prevention and control at the city and county levels attach great importance to the special research solutions. After communication and coordination with the railway department, on February 15, the company sent people to Chen Celou Village in Huangzhou to pick up the loading and unloading master and unload the goods at Xishui Railway Station with the pass issued by the municipal prevention and control headquarters. Xishui prevention and control headquarters coordinated the release of 7 checkpoints and checkpoints along the way from Xishui Railway Station to Luotian Hongyuan Factory Area, and finally pulled back the coal smoothly, ensuring the timely operation of the company's medical waste incinerator as planned.

During the epidemic prevention and control, traffic obstruction is the biggest problem. Yin said, "Personnel can't come, raw materials can't come in, products can't go out. It's difficult to resume work and continue to operate."

Understanding the difficulties of enterprises, the city and county levels of epidemic prevention and control work headquarters special special, urgent, has issued a total of 510 passes for Hongyuan Pharmaceutical, to help coordinate the solution of material transportation, personnel return to work, epidemic prevention and control and other aspects of the problem, to promote the company's rapid resumption of production and efficient and stable operation.

Due to the impact of the outbreak, the company was short of liquidity. On March 6, Huanggang Branch of Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank took the initiative to come to the door and completed the declaration and credit granting of the loan funds in only three days. On March 10, the bank issued a special loan of 70 million yuan to Hongyuan Pharmaceuticals, effectively solving the company's capital needs for the full resumption of work and production.

"With all levels and departments wholeheartedly helping, we must also speed up our efforts, put pressure on ourselves, and use unconventional measures to complete this year's goals and tasks, and make new and greater contributions to local economic and social development." Yin said. (Reporter He Yunlin Shang Zhongsheng Qu Huiyi Wu Na Correspondent Liu Shimin He Menglin)

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